The New Logitech Circle View

In a year marked with unprecedented changes, technology has shown us what a difference it can make in our professional and personal lives. For those working from home, this dynamism between work and play has presented unique challenges. Smart-home technology has become an effective way for people interact with their new work spaces.

One of the more exciting releases of the year, the Circle View, presents the latest in Logitech's smart-home initiatives. With best-in-class video, an ultra wide field of view, enhanced night vision, and seamless Apple HomeKit integration, here's why we believe this is a camera worth adding to your smart home.

Unparalleled Security

Unlike its predecessor, the Logitech Circle 2, the new Circle View houses the latest in secure video streaming using HomeKit Secure Video, which intelligently stores the activity picked up by your camera. End-to-end encryption allows this data to be seamlessly transferred between the camera and your devices, and only visible to those with whom you share your Home app. Home app controls also allow for full customization of when you want the camera to record.

Seamless Recording History

Motion-based recording history is stored safely in iCloud, allowing for 10 days worth of recordings to be stored with the option to add more storage. One camera can be added to 200GB iCloud storage plans, and up to five cameras can be used with a 2TB plan. The best part? Camera recordings won't count against your store limits.

Apple HomeKit Integration

A popular reason for transitioning to smart-home technology is the convenience of controlling an automated home from a mobile device. The Circle View's ability to be placed both inside and outside your home is complemented with live view 2-way audio and recordings sent to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

The Bottom Line

For those looking to bring integrated Apple HomeKit technology into the home, the all new Logitech Circle View presents a compelling security camera solution. For more information please visit Logitech.

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